What is the LifeLine Technique?
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If the answer was always yes when getting what you want, how would your life change? 
What do you want?
Why do you want it? 
If you had it, how would it make you feel?
What currently do you have in life that gives you the same feeling?
Now let me help you get out of your own way!
Coaching starts with some simple steps :
How it All Works:
Through my experience, I have found that there are a few questions I can work with to help people learn what they really, really want out of life.  After finding this out, we work together to break all those conscious challenges by coaching the individual through them.  Then, if more help is needed, we break through the subconscious road blocks by using the LifeLine Technique.
LifeLine Technique:
The LifeLine Technique, developed by Dr. Darren Weissman www.infiniteloveandgratitude.com, is a process to uncover the subconscious road blocks to physical healing, overcoming fear or life challenges.  It could be as simple as a program to make better use of your time, to something as complex as just wanting to be happy.  The environment is nurturing yet focused, because when you succeed, I succeed. One-on-One consultations are encouraged when individuals are consciously aware of ‘speed bumps,’ or issues within themselves, and are still having challenges overcoming them.
Being a LifeLine Practitioner means combining the LifeLine Technique with  verbal consultation in helping people get what they intend, be it better health, a loving relationship, a new career, or even more money.  This technique treats people, not disease.  Every symptom has an original story.  The Lifeline Technique works like a laser beam, discovering and focusing on the specific moment the flow of energy was interrupted in the body, resulting in the symptom .
The technique itself, is a process that reconnects subconscious emotions to conscious awareness.  It is done through the understanding and healing of the subconscious that created the physical and stressful symptoms in life.  The main ingredient in the LifeLine Technique is Infinite Love and Gratitude.  As you move through an experience, choosing to be grateful for that experience will empower you to discover its true meaning.
***This is not Psychotherapy or Psychology.  This technique uses the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude to break through barriers in ones mind and spirit.
Consultations are available in person or over the phone.
“The only thing we are ever dealing with is a 
thought and a thought can be changed”
- Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life