Business Intuitive
Business Intuitive
There is new consulting field developing in the business world called Business Intuition. The intuitive sees business problems as energy blocks. The Business Intuitive communicates where the energy blocks are located, why they are there, and what can be done about them. A Business Intuitive can prove invaluable as a guide for individual career development and a pathfinder for executives mapping out new directions for their companies. In addition to her professional business experiences, Georgiann possesses intuitive gifts that allow her to see beyond the boundaries of our third dimensional world. Her exceptional insights make her an invaluable resource for you to gain a glimpse of what your future might be.
Executive Consultations: Private sessions with the top executive or decision maker that analyze the overall executive vision, current direction, and business plan of the company. Consultation issues could encompass start-ups, mergers, acquisitions, going public, downsizing, relocation, hiring/firing, integrity problems, negative prosperity mindset, turf battles and more.
Personal Sessions:  Private consultations on career goals or personal concerns range from one session to a series of intuitive coaching sessions.
Workplace Wellness and Team Building:  Group sessions can be brought to the workplace to enhance creativity, solve problems, and build cohesion and clarity among staff. This could take the form of a cleansing or blessing of the workspace, a personalized ceremony or ritual to help your company launch a new program, or even a weekend retreat to reconnect with the vision of the group or personal goals.
All programs are individually tailored. Contact Us for quotes.
An Intuitive Business Consultant is an individual who provides professional advice to individuals, business managers, and leaders by utilizing intuitive resources. An intuitive consultant counsels and offers advice which is conducive to individual and organizational transformation.