Who is this Amazing Woman?
Other Information, In Case You Were Wondering...
  1.  Georgiann’s goal when speaking or working with groups or individuals is to help them overcome their conscious/subconscious road blocks that prevent them from living the life they deserve.
  2.  Her story has impacted thousands of people.  Some have said that what she has to say is very inspiring and gives courage where fear may have resided.  
  3.  Georgiann says her personal reason for speaking and consulting is because she is “drawn to helping others through personal challenges and success.”
  4.  She believes that “through humor and openness [she] has healed [her] emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies from great adversary and trauma,” and would like to do the same for others!
  5.  The industries Georgiann has worked with include: communications, jewelry, personal care, marketing, manufacturing, education, hotel and hospitality, retail, consulting, industrial, construction, and financial.
  6.  We do not list the companies she has worked with because that’s not part of her ego need.  Let’s just say you would be impressed.  If you are interested in her services, she will be only to happy to help.
Georgiann Voissem, C.L.P.
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Georgiann has lived an inspired life and she portrays her story in a very emotionally invigorating way, she is a person full of energy, with a drive to help others reach their maximum potential, she emphasizes life balance and spiritual well being, as the frame work of being successful and finally, she has the background to support this all.  It includes, her degree in business, C.L.P. certification, attendance at numerous classes and seminars learning pioneering processes, over 17 years of business experience, and on top of all that she has an abundance of her own personal experiences to bring to the table.
Now, what does all this mean for you?  Well it means that you could get personal or professional help from someone who really cares about the outcome of your future.
Who is Georgiann?!
Georgiann is an everyday business woman who wrote her personal life mission at the ripe age of 17.  That mission is to use her gifts to help people succeed.  In her current life path as a  business owner and intuitive, speaker, and LifeLine Practitioner, she is making this goal a reality.  She is helping more and more people everyday, and loving every minute of it!  She finds great satisfaction in seeing things done right, and with a sense of humor.  Her knowledge and personal experience is helping others do this easily, and thats where her satisfaction comes from.  And, like Georgiann always says... ‘If you’re not having fun with it, why bother!’